All Pointe Shoe fittings MUST have a pre-booked appointment 01204 468444
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Professional pointe shoe fitting service by appointment

Pointe Shoes

Please read the following information prior to contacting us to make an appointment. Appointments are currently limited to being held on a Saturday. Book well in advance. Walk in appointments are not available. Allow a minimum of 45 minutes for a pointe shoe fitting. To book an appointment please call Gill on 01204 468444

What you need to know BEFORE your appointment

  • Please ensure that your teacher has given permission for you to have Pointe Shoes.
  • Fittings cannot be rushed so ensure that you have enough time for your fitting.
  • Toenails MUST be cut short.
  • Feet are clean & any injuries are fully healed.
  • Tights - please wear your ballet tights; convertibles are best.
  • Toe pads - please ask your teacher if you are allowed toe pads or just animal wool.
  • If this is NOT your first pair of Pointe shoes you are being fitted for, please bring along your existing pointe shoes & toe pads.

All manufacturers make several different shapes & styles of Pointe shoes, which are designed for different shapes & strength of feet. This can be very confusing for first time buyers, so please note that a shoe that suits your friend may not necessarily be the correct shoe for you

Pointe Shoes will feel strange at your first fitting as you will have no idea what the shoe is meant to feel like. Speak to your Pointe Teacher before your fitting for advice & please speak to your fitter. We would rather have someone who tells us how the shoe feels & asks questions rather than sitting in silence. You should feel “held” by the sides of the shoe.

If you feel like you are “slipping down” and “banging” your toes at the bottom of the shoe, tell your fitter immediately as this means that the shoe is either too wide or too long! Even if you think you have found a pair of Pointe shoes that fit you, we will still try on a few others, as we may find one that is even better for your foot. Comparing various fits can help you gain a better understanding for how they should feel.

Lastly, remember all shoes need to be broken in, & the first time that you try them on they may feel strange. We always advise you to show your Pointe shoes to your teacher before sewing on your ribbons & elastics

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